Genealogical resesearch in The Netherlands

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Everybody is curious about their ancestors from time to time; what did they do for a living? How and where did they live? What was their place in society? Why did they leave The Netherlands?


If you want to know the answers to these questions, but you are not in a position to do the research yourself, we can help. Van de Veen’s Historesearch is a small company specialized in historical research in The Netherlands We will trace your Dutch ancestors for you.


There is another possibility. You want to do the research youself, but need help to get started: we can provide that help.


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Photograph circa 1915


Our starting point is the last male living in The Netherlands. We then work back from there to around 1800 at a fixed fee and some expenses. Research before 1800 is obviously possible, but this is done only after prior agreement and at an hourly rate.



The result of the research can be presented in various ways, as a book, digital or some other way. This contains all the birth, marriage and death certificates which have been found, as well as a representation of the bloodline.


Akte.jpg (107771 bytes)

Marriage certificate 1858


A historical background will be given to place the material and circumstances in a context. Maps locating towns and villages, as well as townplans will be featured where possible.

The report can be written in Dutch or English. In the latter case all certificates will also be translated.


For an example of a bloodline, click here       

For an example of a transcribed birth certificate, click here